2Spy! 1.41a

2Spy! can:* Log everything you type (even non character keys),...

2Spy! can:* Log everything you type (even non character keys), and do: applications you use, sites you visit on the Internet, mails you write, games you play, music you listen to and many more.

* Monitor Dial-Up connections and show detailed info such as user's login name, host name, dial number, IP adresses etc. * Monitor process creations and terminations and allows to intercept them.

* Capture silently your desktop or active window and save it as an image onto disk* Add time stamps to all events* Log every caption in the active window title bar as well as text on all controls* Stay totally invisible from the user: it is invisible in the task list, in the task bar notification area and system tray* Save everything to log file that can be located in any folder you like.

The log is saved as a standard text file and can be seen or deleted directly from 2Spy! * Save in a dynamically encrypted log file* Protect every unauthorized access to 2Spy!

with a password* Configure the logging details level on the fly without having to reboot your systemWho needs 2Spy? 2Spy! can be used by anyone:* Parents - to know activities of their children,* Employers - to monitor activities of their employees* Anyone who`s work is connected with computers and wants to protect its work - writers, programmers,.